Welcome to the SynthCraft webstore! Please read the text below and our disclaimer beforeĀ continuing your purchase.

Purchasing any package is completely voluntary and no refunds will be given for them. Should you wish to support us with a custom amount, you can find it under 'Support us!', and nothing will be provided in return for it.

In case the server has to shut down, no refunds will be given.

It takes some time for a purchase to progress throughout the system. Please hold on before alerting our staff-team. This can take up to 15 minutes.

Bypassing our no-refund policy by filing a dispute with either PayPal or your bank is not tolerated and will result in consequences.

Please note that buying any package from our store is considered a purchase, not a donation.

Be aware that packages may change at any time! We are not obligated to announce every small change, but significant updates will be communicated on our Discord.

The provided information upon purchasing a package will be held private; your information will not be sold, exchanged, or given to any other company or person without your consent. We take your privacy very seriously!

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